Welcome to Revisie & Reparatiebedrijf Van Leeuwen BV

We deliver, maintain and overhaul diesel engines of different brands in the marine sector. Our speciality herein Caterpillar. We have extensive experience in the industry and already many engines were overhauled and fitted by us, including new engines.

Besides diesel engines, we also focus on overhaul and repair of gearboxes, power take off's (PTO's), waterpumps, generatorsets, alternators, starters fuelpumps etc. Often in our well equipped workshop with modern equipment.

In our shop we have many parts in stock, we can supply them at discounted prices.

Quality is our priority. After all, quality always pays itself back: a long life, minimal maintenance, reliability, performance and custumor satisfaction.

Revisie & Reparatiebedrijf van Leeuwen B.V.

Kubus 6 - 8 (address)
3364 DG Sliedrecht (code, city)

The Netherlands

Phone +31 - 184 - 614246
Fax +31 - 184 - 613794
Cell phone A.J. (Aad) van Leeuwen +31 653 - 356633 
Cell Phone M.A.J. (Maurice) van Leeuwen +31 651 - 343330 

email info@revrep.nl
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